Wednesday 18th

We have had a lovely day today, enjoying the beautiful sunshine outside. We have also had the train track out which has given us hours of fun! We have read Charlie and Lola and a story about baby kangeroo. Lunch today was chicken and roast potatoes (or a veggie cornish pasty) followed by apple crumble, yoghurt or fruit.

Tuesday 17th

We’ve had a lovely day today and were lucky to be joined by Miss Fee who came to lend an extra pair of hands this afternoon. We have done lots of playing and read some great books including A Squash and a Squeeze and Charlie and Lola. For lunch we had a choice between vegetarian pasta and rice and beef with vegetables, pudding was jelly and ice cream! Hope you enjoy the photos and video,

Miss Unwin

Check out the Moon tonight

The Harvest Moon toninght is the ninth Full Moon of the year and one of the most chilling spectacles of astronomy. Not only will the Full Moon rise around the time of sunset, but it will also be a smaller-than-usual Micromoon. In some parts of the world, the Harvest Moon will also peak before midnight on Friday 13th. The rare occurrence on the superstitious date has stargazers around the world buzzing with excitement.  

Click link for more information:

Settling In

We’ve had a great first day getting to know the first two groups of children and it has been lovely to see how comfortable everyone has been and how happy they are getting busy and enjoying the different resources that we have set out for them.

We’ve also been very lucky with the weather and it looks like it should be another lovely day tomorrow. Please make sure that your child comes with some spare changes of clothes just in case of accidents and given the forecast it might be worth them having a water bottle as well (we will send them home for the weekend at the end of the session).

Just a quick reminder that the sessions are 9-11.30 and then 1-3.30

We’re looking forward to spending time with the rest of the children tomorrow,

Miss Unwin, Ms Nanda and Ms Kelly