Singing Assembly

And sign language too

Activites for today

Maths – Today we are going to look at the number 8, check out this numberblocks video about the number 8 how many activities can you remember 8 or Octoblock doing? Which would you like to do? What animals did they mention in the clip?

Physical – Today we have some great new videos from our PE coaches, here is the Early Years link

Creative – If you have old newspaper, flour and water then you could make a paper mache egg; it’s easiest to do this if you blow up a ballon and then paper mache around the outside before letting it dry and then decorating it. For a surprise treat you could pop a couple of sweets into the balloon before you start blowing it up. Here’s a guide to paper mache

Otherwise if you don’t fancy that then maybe use this recipe to make some salt dough cut out egg shapes, leave them to dry and then decorate them.

Or if you have any spare eggs then maybe hard boil them and then let your child decorate.

I was reading earlier about how children were putting their favourite bears into the windows so that when people go out for a walk they can go for a ‘bear hunt’ and see how many different bears they can spot. Do you think your bears would like to spend the day looking out the window and seeing all the people who walk past? Perhaps you could give them a picture to hold as well.