Photos from today and last week

Trip Friday 31st January

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you so much to all those who have volunteered to come on the trip a week on Friday. We would ideally like to have at least 10 parents and currently have 13 but I’m also aware that some of you who have volunteered have younger siblings who you might find it difficult to find someone to look after them so if this is the case please let us know and we can adjust things accordingly (obviously we would love to have you but just in case).

When you come on the trip we ask that you take your child plus probably one, maybe two, other children and that you stay with the school group at all times . At the moment the parents/carers we have coming are from the following children:

Elsie, Dexter, Rafe, Luca, Damo, Myla, Charae, Iris K, Ben, Max, Lila, Rosa and Zayd.

Thanks so much for all your help,



Dear Parents,

I just wanted to give you all a heads up that myself, Mrs Nanda and Mrs Kelly have both been vomiting this weekend and it seems there is an unpleasant bug going around. I really hope you haven’t been poorly as well but wanted to let you know and just remind you that the school follows the NHS guidelines that the children need to have stopped vomiting for 48 hours before they can come back to school,

Thanks, Rosie


I’m afraid I won’t be in tomorrow as I am running training for Lambeth for how to improve writing in primary schools. I know Ms Nanda and Ms Kelly (who will be joined by Lily who the children have met before) will do a brilliant job but I just wanted to mention in case you wondered where I was in the morning,

Thanks, Rosie

Climbing Frame

Tomorrow you may notice that the climbing frame has been taken down (or will be in the process of being taken down). Unfortunately the recent gales have not been kind to it and we have realised it is no longer structurally sound so will need to take it down. We will be getting a new one but it may take a few weeks; during this time we will use the space to do other fun activities like obstacle courses, races etc.

Thanks for your support,

Rosie (Miss Unwin)

Photos from Today and Friday

Today we started learning about Chinese New Year, how it celebrates villagers getting rid of a monster by painting the town red, making loud noises and setting off firecrackers. Then we learnt that the Jade Emperor created the Chinese zodiac by having a race between the animals.